netgear ex3920 setup

Netgear EX3920 Setup

Netgear Ex3920 setup: Netgear Ex3920 or AC750 comes up with 2 extenders to give good coverage to the existing wireless router or modem. The Ex3920 connects with any standard router or modem and delivers more than 750 Mbps. Buy Ex3920 or Ac750 for your home wireless system and get rid of the internet connectivity problem. Connect your gaming consoles, printers, smart tv’s etc at the same time and get the dedicated speed on your every device.


  • For the initial setup plug only one extender.
  • Power on the AC750 and wait for the green light to turn steady green.
  • Now connect any wireless-enabled device with Netgear EX3920.
  • After connecting to Netgear Ex3920 or Ac750 there will be a solid green light on client LED
  • Open any web browser and type or
  • Netgear EX3920 setup page appears on your browser.
  • Click on the New extender setup button and follow the instruction to connect your Ex3920 or Ac750 wifi range extender to the existing wireless network.


  • Plug the Netgear AC750 extender 2 -3 feet away from the main router.
  • And then wait for the power light to turn steady/solid green.
  • Once you will get the power light on the extender then push the W.P.S button on the Netgear EX3920.
  • Now within 1-2 minutes push the W.P.S button on the router or modem.
  • Now there will be green light which will start blinking on the modem and as well as on your Netgear AC750.
  • Once you’ll get all solid green light on the extender which means your extender is successfully connected to the home wifi network.

The most definitive guide for Netgear EX3920 setup

Netgear EX3920 is a dual-band wireless range extender that provides a seamless speed and reliability for your existing wireless network.  With the help of countless features provided by this device, you can always enjoy a highly reliable internet connection. 

This extender is sufficient to provide coverage to an area of around 100-120 feet. Before you start using your extender, you need to follow a handful of steps for the Netgear EX3920 Setup. Therefore, let us have a look at the step by step procedure of setting up your Netgear extender.

Steps to connect to Netgear AC750 

  1. netgear ex3920 setupForemost of all, you need to turn on your extender. In order to do this, you need to connect your extender to a stable source of power. After doing so, you need to press and hold the power button for a while. Once done, you need to wait for the LED light to turn solid green in color. 
  2. After your Netgear Ac750 has been successfully turned on, you need to connect it with the network of your router. To do so, you will be requiring an ethernet cable. By using an ethernet cable, connect one end to the route and the other one to the extender. After that, check the LED light for the status of the connection. 
  3. Once both the devices are connected, you need to turn on your computer device and connect with the network of your extender. To do so, open the wireless manager in your computer and scan for the available networks. 
  4. After you have connected to the network of your extender, you need to open a web browser in your device. In your web browser, you need to open the website by entering the URL in the search bar found above. After that, hit the enter button on your keyboard. 
  5. Now, you will be redirected to a website where the further setup of your Netgear EX3920 will take place. On the website, you need to click on the big blue button that says “Netgear extender setup“. 
  6. After clicking on the button, you will be asked to provide login credentials for your extender. In case you don’t remember setting up a user account, you need to log in with the default credentials. You can check the user manual in order to find the default credentials for your extender.
  7. After logging in, you will be presented with a set of on-screen instructions that you need to follow in order to proceed with the setup of your Netgear EX3920. Therefore, keep proceeding with the instructions available to you on your screen. 
  8. Lastly, when you’ve successfully finished all the steps, the browser window will be closed automatically and the setup will be completed successfully. 

And that’s it! Now, you can enjoy all your favorite movie streams and downloads at a blazingly fast speed. Moreover, not you can use your Netgear EX3920 at any part of your house and get rid of any dead zones at your home. After that, you can enjoy a highly reliable connection. That’s all we have for today.