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What is Netgear Genie App?

In this blog, we are going to talk about how to setup Netgear genie app on your laptop, desktop or cellphone. Netgear genie is an app to manage your Netgear extender and router in a very easy and simple process. This app will help users to manage and repair the home network. The genie application will help you to modify your network setting, diagnose network issues, and set up parental controls. The purpose of the application is to manage and configure your Netgear device. If you want to configure and manage Netgear home routers graphically using a Netgear genie application.
Netgear genie setup

Netgear Genie Smart Setup

Follow the steps given below to configure your extender using Netgear genie smart setup method:
  1. Connect your extension to a wifi network.
  2. Grab any device and connect to the current network.
  3. Go to the web browser.
  4. In the URL type
  5. Enter your default username and password.
  6. On your device genie setup page will open.
  7. Then change the technical setting as per the need.
If you are having any issues while following the mentioned steps, don’t worry we can help you. Just contact our technical experts and let them do Netgear extender setup for you.

How can I setup my extender using the Netgear Genie Wizard?

For Netgear Genie setup, we are mentioned here is how you can configure your Netgear extender. Follow the on-screen instruction to setup your Netgear Genie:

  1. Firstly plug in your extender.
  2. Connect your device to the available network.
  3. Launch a web browser.
  4. Type or
  5. Then click on the new extender setup.
  6. Insert your default username and password.
  7. Then follow the on-screen instruction to configure your netgear genie.

After that you have completed the Netgear genie setup process. In this blog we will mention how to access Netgear genie. 

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Why Netgear Genie used for?

Netgear genie can be installed on a PC or mac book as well as android and IOS device the purpose of Netgear genie is to make managing and configuring Netgear devices easier then by conventional method. Netgear genie is a dashboard allowing you to easily manage your network. It allows you to manage your  router settings. Allow you to manage and activate parental controls. Netgear Genie constantly monitors your internet connectivity if your computer disconnects from the internet, Netgear genie will be able to help you to fix the problems. You can use Netgear genie to connect to any wireless network. Netgear genie will be able to auto fix the issue, it can set the most common wireless issue.

How can I login into the Netgear Genie ?

To login into the Netgear genie app you should have to download the netgear genie. Netgear genie is used in window 10. There are 5 easy steps to login into the Netgear genie:
  1. Firstly connect to the extender.
  2. Open the browser.
  3. Go to
  4. Log in using your username and password.
  5. Then click to login.
Note: do not eject your extender during the login process.

How to update Netgear genie firmware ?

Firmware upgrade is initially used to improve your extender performance. If you are facing a buffering problem and not providing good internet speed. If yes, then Simply go to firmware upgrade.

To upgrade your Netgear firmware you need to follow the given guidelines to update the latest firmware for your extender.

Table of Contents

Easy and simple steps to update your Netgear extender

  1. Connect to the Netgear extender.
  2. Get on the browser.
  3. Go to
  4. Log in using your username and password.
  5. Click the Firmware update option.
  6. Go to the administration bar and select the latest firmware.
  7. It will take 2-3 minutes to upgrade the firmware.
  8. During the upgrade, make sure you don’t turn off the power.
  9. After that your Netgear extender starts rebooting.
This is how you can update your Netgear firmware. After the setup process if your Netgear extender is giving you any issues. Then you can easily contact our knowledgeable experts via live chat or call.
New Netgear extender Setup
Netgear EX6150 firmware update

Troubleshooting tips for Netgear genie.

Facing any issues while accessing your Netgear genie smart wizard ? Nothing to worry about. Just follow the given troubleshooting tips to fix the issue:

  1. Make sure your Netgear extender is connected to an active WiFi network.
  2. Delete the cookies, cache, from the web browser you are using.
  3. Check your device’s internet connection is turned on.
  4. Go to the web address.
  5. Use another web browser.
  6. Reboot the extender and router once.
  7. Check the firmware version on your WiFi extender. If it is old, upgrade it in a right away.
  8. Try resetting the extender to default settings.


What Is Netgear Genie?

Netgear genie is the app that is available for mac.ios, windows, android devices. Netgear Genie is used to manage, monitor, diagnose, update settings, repair your home network devices. Without being an Expert using an interactive graphic design which makes managing your home network more fun. There are a lot of things a user can do using this app and don’t get confused by the name you can use this app for type and companies home network devices such as routers/extender. Need to know more consider browsing on site.

What Are The Things That Can Be Done Using Netgear Genie?

You can do a variety of things using this application such as remote access, setting up parental control, monitor activities, set up devices, grant access, diagnose network, repair network and much more but not limited to these features. Curious to know more, consider browsing our website.

Is There Any Difference Between The Netgear Genie App And The Netgear Genie Smart Setup?

Yes, there is a significant difference between the both, as Netgear genie application is an app available for devices like a window, mac, phones and on another hand Netgear genie smart setup is used to manage your home network and set up your devices.

Is Netgear Genie Application Free For Use?

Yes, it is free to use

Is Netgear Genie A Virus?

No, it is completely safe and does not contain any kind of virus as per the test founds. You can use it without thought it would not affect your devices.

How To Perform Netgear Genie Setup?

Netgear always wanted to make it easy for its users to manage their devices. Here is a step by step guide help you to perform Netgear genie setup all by yourself without any help
  • Connect your home device to a reliable power source
  • Make sure your device is connected to the network
  • Open play store/app store on your device
  • Search Netgear Genie in the search bar
  • Download the application on your device
  • Open the application
  • Enter your login detail
  • Click continue
Congrats you had successfully completed the Netgear genie setup, In case getting any issue to browse our site for helo or connect with our Netgear Experts at toll-free numbers.

How Do I Uninstall Netgear Genie?

It’s easy to uninstall and reinstall Netgear Genie, Just follow the steps given below
  • Open Program and features
  • Click on the Netgear Genie from the list
  • Click Uninstall to start the process
Congrats, You are done still need any help get in touch with our Netgear experts now at our toll-free numbers +1-888-245-4797

How Can I Download The Netgear Genie Application?

You can download Netgear genie applications from play store, apple store or through the official site. Consider browsing the site for more help.
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