Netgear Extender Setup Guide

Powerline extends your existing wifi with a wired connection.

Netgear Powerliner WiFi Range Extender

How to Setup Netgear Powerline?

To set up the Netgear powerline, first, you need to be familiar with how the powerline system works and what all is there in the powerline package you have. Netgear Extender Setup contains tow powerline boxes, one of the powerline box stays connected to the router or modem and the other box work as a wifi extender which you can place between the dead spot and the router in your home. In case you are having any issues connecting your Netgear PL1000 PL1200 PLW1010 PLW1000 etc. Dial our toll-free and talk with our Netgear powerline setup experts.


  • Unpack your powerline New Extender Setup.
  • After that plug one of the powerline device with the router using an ethernet cable.
  • The second powerline device should be placed between the dead spot and the router.
  • Now you need to follow the Netgear Wi-Fi setup using
  • Once you are on a Powerline setup page.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions, if you are having any issues call our Powerline setup experts.

Netgear Powerline Extender Setup: Manual Guide

If you already have a smart TV to go with your Sky+ and Tivo digital video recorder and game consoles or only require a PC away from the modem/router, a Powerline network would possibly fix several of your download issues.

Many of us can not provide Wi-Fi for all our latest Internet requirements and are asking for a fast wired network to serve all our smart internet-friendly applications.

Forget regarding the requested levels of each electricity provider. These 500Mbps or 1,200Mbps are theoretical maxima, although, in certain real-world situations or depends upon the model like Netgear EX7000 Setup done, you would be happy to cross over 120Mbps. Do not fear, as even a typical Netgear Extender Setup of 500 Mbps (presumably at 60-70Mbps) would speed up the TV or Internet download times considerably.

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