Netgear AX1800 Extender Setup

Netgear AX1800 Extender Setup EAX15 | Connects up to 20+ WIFI devices, including computers, smartphones, wireless speakers, Cctv cameras, ipads, tablets, IoT devices, and more, to a WiFi range of up to 1,500 sq. ft.

Netgear AX1800 extender setup
netgear eax15 setup

Netgear AX1800 Mesh Extender Setup EAX15

  • Firstly, download the AX1800 Nighthawk app on your smartphone.
  • Open your installed Nighthawk app and create an account.
  • Once logged in, click new system setup and then click on the range extender.
  • Now go to the WIFI settings option and connect to the EXT network.
  • You can go back to the application and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • The repeater is now successfully connected to the existing wireless network.
  • Unplug the EAX15, and plug it into the desired location.

If you are facing any problem installing your booster. Feel free to get in touch with our chat support expert.

How to setup my Netgear AX1800 WIFI Mesh Extender EAX15?

  • To setup Netgear AX1800, Plug the EAX15 Mesh near to the router.
  • Now tap the WPS button on the extender.
  • In 2 minutes, tap the same button on the main WIFI router.
  • You will see the blinking W.P.S light on both the devices.
  • Now wait for 2-3 minutes until the light stop blinking on the wireless repeater.
  • If the connection got successful you will see the power, device and WPS all light up solid green.
  • Now unplug the repeater and place anywhere you want at your home or office.

Note: If you not see any other light after the Netgear AX1800 extender setup with W.P.S method completed. Kindly reinitiate the above process or get in touch with our certified expert.

Netgear AX1800 extender setup

Netgear EAX15 Extender AX1800| Firmware Update 

  • Get on any internet browser via PC or smartphone that is attached to the Netgear eax15.
  • You have to login on this website “”.
  • Put in the admin ID and password and tap on LOG IN option.
  • Whether your browser shows a Menu box, select it.
  • Choose the Firmware Update.
  • Tap on the CHECK ONLINE option.
  • Whether latest firmware is available, obey all the steps given to upgrade firmware.
For more information:

How to configure my Netgear AX1800 mesh extender EAX15 with Netgear router?

  • To install the mesh AX1800, firstly plug the repeater into the electric outlet.
  • Now get on Wireless PC or smartphone, launch the internet connection manager and look for to attach names as ‘NETGEAR_EXT”.
  • Open up any internet browser and put in this website “” on the address bar.
  • You are now on the Netgear AX1800 extender setup page.
  • Create an genie account and click “NEXT”.
  • Choose the mode “Wireless range extender” or “Access Point” and click “NEXT”
  • Your booster will search for the list of available WIFI and give list of option to choose.
  • Select your WIFI router “SSID” on 2.4Ghz and on 5Ghz and click “Continue”
  • Enter your home or office wireless password and hit “Continue”
  • Wait for 1-2 minutes to apply the settings and do not unplug the booster.
  • Once the settings are applied you will see your home Wi-Fi name followed by EXT.
  • Click on “Continue” and to finish the configuration connect the booster to any wireless device.
  • Now place the extender where you have weak or bad wireless signals.
  • And get the improved connectivity from your EAX15 mesh.



Netgear EAX15 AX1800 Extender Troubleshooting Steps

  • Always check that the Netgear AX1800 extender to an electrical outlet and put it near to the host Wi-Fi router.
  • When you are finished with setting up Netgear EAX15 extender, it is possible to put it at any location that you want to extend your signals
  • When your repeater is attached electrical outlet, stand by till you see that the power lights to light up perfectly.
  • Whether the lights are not lit up, then you have taken off both sides of Ethernet which is attaching the eax15 extender to the host Wi-Fi router and attach it back again.
  • When in the website bar of the browser, look up for the Linksys extended IP address which is
  • Whether still problem persists with Linksys extender, reopen the browser and redo the steps.