Netgear EX6400 Setup | Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 setup

Increase the range of your existing wireless network and deliver dual-band WiFi up to 1.9Gbps. No new WiFi names or passwords are required for the Netgear EX6400 setup. There are two ways to complete the Netgear wifi extender setup:

Connect with WPS push button: WPS allows you to join a secure WiFi network without having to type in the network name and password.

Connect to the NETGEAR installation assistant: To use the NETGEAR installation assistant, open a web browser on your computer or mobile device.

Netgear EX6400 Setup: WPS Method 

Follow the given directions to setup your Netgear EX6400 (Nighthawk AC1900) Using WPS:

  • Turn on your Netgear AC1900 EX6400 WiFi range extender.
  • Place your WiFi extender near your router.
  • Wait for the Netgear EX6400’s Power LED to turn green.
  • On the extender, press the WPS button.

If the EX6400 Link Status LED is solid green, your router and extender are connected properly. If the connection is stable, the Netgear EX6400 Link Status LED will turn green too. If the Link Status LED turns amber or red, try again after moving the extender closer to the router.

Note: If your router supports the 5 GHz band, your extender will attempt to connect to it the first time. Contact the experts if your extender did not connect to the router’s 5 GHz band.

  • Shift your extender to a different location.
  • Bring your WiFi-enabled computer or mobile device to a location where WiFi router coverage is poor.
  • Join the extended network with your WiFi-enabled computer or mobile device.
Netgear EX6400 WPS setup
Netgear EX6400 AC1900 setup

Netgear EX6400 Manual Setup

For Netgear EX6400 setup using the Netgear installation assistant:

  • Turn on your Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 EX6400 extender.
  • Place your WiFi extender near your router.
  • Connect the extender to your router.
  • Open a web browser on a computer or mobile device and navigate to
  • The installation assistant from NETGEAR appears.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your extender to your existing WiFi network.
  • Transfer your extender to a different location.
  • If you get no or poor connectivity, move the extender closer to your router and try again until the Link Status LED turns green.
  • Connect your client devices to the extended WiFi network once you’ve determined the best location for your extender.

How to setup Netgear EX6400 wifi extender using the Nighthawk App?

Is your Internet Service Provider (ISP) equipment not providing enough WiFi? Get a WiFi Range Extender to extend WiFi coverage to every corner of your home while keeping the same WiFi name. This Nighthawk AC1900 extender enhances your existing WiFi.

You can also use the Netgear Nighthawk app to finalize the Netgear AC1900 setup and connect the extender to the internet. The Nighthawk app is available for both Android and iOS devices. 

To perform Netgear EX6400 setup using the Nighthawk app, follow these steps:

  • First and foremost, make sure your router is connected to the internet.
  • Take down the SSID or network name and password for the router.
  • Turn on your Netgear AC1900 extender now.
  • Download the Nighthawk app for Android or iOS.
  • Then, on your smartphone, launch the Nighthawk app.
  • Complete your Netgear wifi extender setup and connect to the internet by following the on-screen installation instructions.

Still having trouble configuring your Netgear AC1900 EX6400 extender? Don’t be concerned, please contact our knowledgeable and skilled technicians at our Toll-free helpline.

Nighthawk app setup

Common Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Extender Setup Issues

  • is down.
  • Mywifiext password is incorrect.
  • The WiFi extender is connected, but there is no internet access.
  • I am unable to connect to mywifiext.local.
  • The WiFi extender is not linked to the network.
  • The Netgear genie app will not launch.
  • Problems accessing the IP address
  • Configuration CD  lost.
  • WiFi connectivity problems.
  • The Netgear genie smart setup page remains visible even after the Netgear AC1900 extender has been configured.
  • Forgot your Netgear extender’s default password.
  • The LED lights on Extender are not stable.
  • does not work.
  • I am unable to access the Netgear EX6400 extender.
  • The EX6400 loses internet connectivity.
  • Netgear firmware cannot be updated.
  • After updating the Netgear EX6400 extender, I am unable to access
  • Errors in MAC address filtering.
  • Netgear EX6400 not working after update failure.
  • WiFi extender does not connect to the internet.
  • Netgear range extender network name not found.

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Steps to Troubleshoot Netgear AC1900 Setup Issues

To resolve Netgear EX6400 setup issues, follow the troubleshooting steps outlined below:

  • Check that the Netgear AC1900 extender is receiving adequate power from the wall outlet.
  • Check to ensure that the wall plug into which the extender is plugged is not damaged or shorted out.
  • Use your device to connect to a high-speed internet connection.
  • Examine all of the wired connections. Use any damaged cable at your own risk.
  • Keep your extender away from walls, corners, microwave ovens, fish tanks, cordless phones, Bluetooth devices, metal objects, aluminum studs, and other similar objects.
  • If you’re having problems with, make sure you’ve entered the correct URL in the address bar.
  • Reboot your Netgear AC1900 extender and try to set it up again.
  • During login, only use the most recent version of your web browser.
  • Update the Netgear firmware on your extender to the most recent version.
  • Restore the extender to its original factory settings.

None of the troubleshooting suggestions above resolved your problem? Don’t freak out. Simply contact our experts to resolve your Netgear EX6400 WiFi range extender setup issues.

How to update firmware for the Netgear EX6400?

Does your WiFi extender suddenly start acting strangely? Is the required speed not being provided even after a successful Netgear AC1900 manual setup? If so, immediately update the firmware on the Netgear extender. Netgear Extender Firmware is a collection of instructions that is built into the hardware device.

Netgear extender firmware is essentially an operating system designed to run on your specific make and model number of extenders. As a result, make sure your extender has the most recent firmware version. 

Here’s how to upgrade the firmware on your Netgear EX6400:

  • To begin, turn on your Nighthawk AC1900 extender.
  • Connect the extender to your router.
  • After that, launch your preferred web browser.
  • In the address bar, type and press the enter key.
  • Enter the username and password for your extender.
  • Navigate to the settings menu and select the Firmware Upgrade option.
  • Then, click the Check button.
  • If a new firmware version is available, click the yes button to upgrade the firmware.
  • Allow some time for the Netgear EX6400 firmware to update properly.

That’s all! The firmware on your extender has been updated. If you have any problems, please contact the experts at Toll-Free.