Netgear AC750 wifi extender setup with the Web browser



1. Place your new Netgear EX3700 wifi extender near to the existing wifi network. 2. Make sure it is the plugin into an electrical outlet. 3. Now wait for the power light amber and then turn green. If The power led light does not work then press the power on/off button on the side of the new wifi extender. 4. Now go to your computer or laptop and open a preferred web browser. 5. Type the URL or in the top of the web browser. 6. You will see the setup page of your Netgear extender. Here, click the New Extender Setup button. 7. Create an account then click next. 8. On the next page, two options WIFI RANGE EXTENDER BUTTON or ACCESS POINT click on the wifi range extender. 9. Select the existing wifi network that you want to connect your wifi range extender

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