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Netgear N300 extender setup guide to connect your wifi range extender to the existing wifi network.

Netgear N300 Wi-fi setup

Netgear N300 Extender Setup

Netgear N300 Wifi extender Setup is the most used Netgear extenders till now, N300 Extenders are powerful enough to cover 100-200 feet of distance. There are various models that come under the Netgear N300 Series.

Netgear n300 setup

Steps to follow while installing the N300 Netgear wifi extender:

  1. Mywifiext should be in close proximity to your router for the initial setup.
  2. Make sure the power LED on the Netgear N300 is solid green.
  3. To setup N300 Wifi extender visit
  4. Once you land on Mywifiext N300 Setup Page.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the N300 Setup.
  6. In case if you still cannot complete the setup you can talk with Netgear N300 Experts

N300 Setup process is similar to Netgear EX2700 Or EX3700 Setup. However, you need to keep the above points in mind while you are trying to install Netgear extender setup. It is a plug & play device which does not require any cables or power supply to turn on, all you need to do is plug the Netgear N300 into the socket.

Once done, the Netgear  N300 setup will make sure you get a good signal all your office or home.

Netgear N300 |

To get to know the troubleshooting steps of Netgear N300 follow the below-given details:

  1. Please ensure that the wall outlet receives the right power supply from the Netgear N300 extender setup.
  2. Assure that the wall plug is not damaged or short-circuited when the extender is plugged in.
  3. Entry to your device’s high-speed Internet connection.
  4. Check all the links on the cable. Do not use any cable that has been destroyed.
  5. Keep your extender away from doors, room corners, microwave ovens, fish tanks, Bluetooth devices, metal objects, aluminum studs, cordless phones, etc.
  6. Be sure that you have entered the right URL in the address bar if you have problems with
  7. Once, power-cycle the Netgear extender and attempt to set it up again.
  8. Use only the newest version of your web browser when logging into
  9. Update the new version of the Netgear firmware on your Netgear N300 extender.
  10. Update the extender to its default settings.