Five Fan Favorite Series on Netflix

top 5 series on netflix

Five Fan Favorite Series on Netflix!

Netflix is a great platform which has changed the way people watch serials, movies and documentaries. There is everything for everyone on Netflix and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. The reason being the enormous range of shows that are available on Netflix for everyone to watch. The following shows have left a great impact on their viewers and that is why they have been declared as the fan favorites. Let’s take a look at what makes them special!

  1. The last kingdom –The last kingdom season 5 will extend the story of the epic fictional drama which has attracted the attention of millions of viewers across the globe. This feat can be attributed to the fact that the show has some impeccable casting and a great storyline which introduces the viewers to the politics of the older times. The show has become one of the most sought after shows because of its virtues and that is why it has found a place on our list.
  2. Black Lightning – Black lightning season 4 aired recently and is considered as the last season of the show which features an African-American superhero of the same name. The story about a principal who had to turn superhero after a certain kidnapping takes place has appealed to a lot of viewers and thereby helped the show find its place in the list of top 10 Netflix series one must watch.
  3. Breaking Bad – The famous crime drama which has become the identity of American television because of its brilliancy in almost every aspect of filmmaking. The show is touted as the best thing to happen to television and Bryan Cranston’s iconic dialogues as Walter White are still quoted by many.
  4. Stranger Things – The series gained a separate fan base for itself when its first season aired back in 2016. It introduced us to talented actors like Millie Bobby Brown and David Harbor who were praised for their brilliant performances. Apart from them, the other members of the cast played their parts with great sincerity and made the show a great success.
  5. Money Heist – Last but not the least, the Spanish heist crime drama thriller series which goes by the name La Casa de Papel has made strides across the world upon its release. The show currently stands at two seasons and a third one is about to release soon on Netflix. The narrative of the show makes it an interesting watch and truly makes for a great viewing experience.

By now you are aware of what makes these shows a must watch, therefore, you must try watching these shows at least once so that you do not miss out on something which is loved by all. Other than that, the one important factor that separates these shows from the other shows available on Netflix is the quality of production with which they have been made. These shows are certainly going to entertain you with their catchy premises and interesting plots. Therefore, you must see these shows before it gets too late to catch up with them.

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